Monday, April 03, 2006

Half-trekker, Coming Soon

(1/29/2006 10:47:36 PM)

Bartman: sup

Riggs : not much mon

Riggs : i bet yu gonna have a sleepless nite tho

Bartman : huh?! why?

Riggs: Ganguly's batting

Bartman : Uh..

Riggs : dude did u watch those indicators come on?

Riggs : his eyes go blink blink ..... blink blink .... blink blink ..

Bartman: What is to happen of the Prince mon?

Riggs : dont lose heart

Riggs : mebbe he'll become a commentator like Ramiz

Bartman : how benevolent

Riggs : soon he ll be saying of Akhtar, he is bowling a half trekker i dont know why

Bartman : maybe he ll grow a nose in defiance too

Riggs: i have NO idea wot Ramiz's haff-trekker is

Bartman: i think he means track ?

Riggs: half tracker = short ball that pitches in the half of the pitch = half trekker?

Riggs : and the third slipper i know

Riggs : and of cos, law of Evrejes

Bartman: I doubt Dada's hair will grow any longer.

Riggs : dint know if he meant Average or Yuvraj


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking about Ramiz, read this one:

"The Indian fielders appealed when the Peshawar match was in a crucial state. I would not have imagined Rahul Dravid and his team would do such a thing.

I am not bothered about my dismissal, but an appeal made in an unsportsmanlike manner by the visiting team can have an adverse affect on the relations between the two opponents.

I have surely impressed on my team not to make much of the Peshawar incident. However, in my personal opinion the appeal was not made in a sporting manner. Instead, it might have left a bad taste in the mouth."

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

That sounds too polished to be Ramiz... if it were Ramiz he would have said .... Sounds like Inzy. Or someone who took what Inzy said and turned it into English.

2:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is what Inzy said, haha

3:07 AM  
Anonymous clueless said...

Imzamam English

Most cricketers, who are not comfortable in conversing in English, go
prepared for some standard questions that are asked from them when
Commentators chat with them during the awards ceremony.

Inzamam was once asked a different question after Pakistan won the
for which he was not prepared. He always had a standard response to the
first question. But this time....

Tony Greig: So Inzi, that's fantastic, your wife is pregnant for the

Inzamam: Bismillah-e-Rehman-e-Rahim! All credit goes to the boys.
worked hard for it, especially Afridi. It was tight situation when he
in. Without his strokes it not have been possible. He was pulling the
Balls. Also Bob Woolmer keeping close watch on progress and giving
Instructions. It's all team effort which pulled us out of big hole.
Allah, we all will work together as team, put in big effort and deliver
result all the time.


2:52 AM  
Anonymous clueless said...

Even the Indian Hockey team plays like the cricket team. What Heros!!! Maybe they should swap coaches...

2:54 AM  

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