Monday, April 03, 2006

Captain Lumberjack

(3/20/2006 12:18:48 AM)

Bartman : did they not consider waiting till the end of the series before
they declare a guy captain for the next 1.5 years?

Bartman : i mean even if it's a given, what would possibly explain the timing of the announcement?!

Riggs : cant imagine how these chaps weren't part of the first team ... they is so good. Can ya imagine wot Vaughan and Trscothik wuda done?

Riggs : I grant you,I didnt understand that one at all @ naming capn so soon .... that too for so long

Riggs : not that i think dravid wud get complacent

Bartman : doubt mon, series wudda been a lot more interesting with vaughn at the helm

Bartman : doesnt matter what HE gets mon, cholera maybe

Riggs: they wuda beaten us

Bartman : but is there a precedent to this sorta announcement?

Riggs : nopes

Riggs : not that i can think of

Bartman : it's amazing what sort of politicking happens mon..

Riggs : i guess they dont see anyone else capable of leadin this team

Riggs : do yu?

Riggs : did u see that complete freak show last week ... Aus VS SA?

Bartman : very funny...but even if that's what the selectors think, i dont see the merit to the announcement...sheer mind games

Bartman : yeah of cos..

Riggs : wot balls eh?

Bartman : too bad they didnt fight it out in the first test tho

Riggs : i KNOW we wuda given up by the 30th over

Riggs : of us bowling, ie

Bartman : lol

Riggs : forget the batting

Bartman : smith's been great for them mon

Riggs : he's got attitude

Bartman : now that's an inspiring is vaughan..all attitude

Bartman : hehe..exactly

Bartman : something mr humble bumble has none of

Bartman: you know

Riggs : he does too@ attitude

Riggs : now shush we arent goin there

Riggs : he's gonna save this one for us wait and see

Bartman : right, the attitude of the strong silent lumberjack in a mills and boon novel

Riggs : i never read any but i think i get the picture

Bartman : oh yes, i have no doubt he will mon. all heroes in modern india follow that gallant selfless script, you know. first you make an inexplicably stupid decision that costs your people the world. then you get someone higher up to give you a plaque and assure the masses of your secure future. then you know, you sorta, you know swoop in and save the world.


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