Monday, April 03, 2006

Century Huduga

(3/18/2006 12:13:47 AM)

Riggs : yu must be rather miffed? That Banglooru chap is playin his 100th test tomorrow? chap wot made his debut wid him not there

Bartman : ‘well you know, it reely is an honour for me, you know, i mean to share this moment with the boys, you know, and with sachin, you know, i mean, obviously, you know, it is an honour for a cricketer, you know obviously, i mean, with anil here too, you know’

Riggs : yer sore-av grapes are showin mon, but i terribly thrilled for Kumble and his 500. Now dat was special

Bartman : fucking half josephite playing half baked games against colleagues with half witted aussie coaches


Bartman : yeah..kumble's is a special achievement no doubt, what's most honorable is he says it's just another game, i mean how cho chweet is that

Riggs : yer soundin like a Rebel wid sharp claws

Bartman : ‘sachin's breaking a record and kumble's breaking a record and england are going to work their english arses off to level the series and he's going to play his 100th game…. and it is just another game’

Riggs : grumble grumble

Bartman : he's a con job ll see one day

Riggs : when mon? When he gets to 10000 runs ? *just checking*

Bartman : lol

Bartman : laff it off mon..

Riggs : or when he become india's most successful captain?

Riggs : Gangs had wins against Zimbabwe (and hundreds against them also) and Bongladesh. Those shudnt be counted

Bartman : just recall that every captain from gavaskar to shastri to kapil to azhar to ganguly...each one was meted out an uncharitable end to career.. it's the nature of the sport in india mon...way too much spite and interpersonal bullshit

Riggs : Gavaskar retired wid style .... and a 188 in his last 'big' match as a member of the World XI VS MCC XI, Shastri .... he never captained, save one test .... and when did he matter anyhoo? As for Kapil .... he retired AFTER he was carried for like 15 tests so he cud make that world record.

Bartman : that was after he had given up his captaincy

Riggs : Azhar ... well ... it was either retire or be the world's first cricket-playin jailed cricketer, Ganguly .. he lost captaincy after he needed 300 balls to score a hundred against Zimbabwe AND Kaps wasnt captain coz no one cud unnerstand his post-match conference… 'it give great me joy and pride as indian spinners kumble take 500 wikkets we whole nations shud be prouds'

Bartman : look are too wise to believe all of this was straightforward and merit-based and had nothing to do with board politics and Dalmiya and Bal Thackarey's closet deals with Pramod Mahajan

Riggs: What did you do this afternoon mon? Drool over Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory?


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