Monday, June 26, 2006

0-0, 3 Down.

What a day!

When the Windians declared, leaving India 392 to win in 86 overs, I was excited. It wasn't exactly a stiff target and I hoped that if Sehwag fired we would have made a match of it.

Sehwag, bless his booties and bald head, took the bait. A slash here. A thump there. 50 off 60 and looking good for more. India went into lunch at 109-0, with Sehwag on 65 and Jaffer on 35. India came out from lunch at 109-0. One ball later and Sehwag was on his way back. A rather heavy lunch, I would assume as his foot refused to leave the crease and stayed there. He has become sumwot of a Colley-flower bunny, falling to him in 4 innings out of 5.

The Hyderabadi Hero from the first innings, Very Very Special walked in and with Jaffer steadied the boat. Jaffer, looked good for much more than the 50plus he scored, wafting away outside his offstump. What followed was India's best chance at winning this test match. Very Very Special and The Wall put on exactly a hundred. VVS looked good for his second hundred off the match, sacrificing his wicket whilst pushing the score along, slashing a wide one to Lara at slip.

In walked Dhoni. A clear indication that the chase was still on. I was on rediff, discussin ball by ball with a pal who was watchin up in the Himalayas and another pal who was watching in Dubai and we all wondered what he would do. We didn't wait long and all yelled out loud, as Dhoni's first ball disappeared over long off for a huge six. He played a somewhat strange innings, leaving a lot of balls outside the offstump, hitting another flatbat six over cover before hammering one into covers which was snapped up by Gayle pulling off a complete blinder.

That's where the Indians gave up the ghost, drawing their shutters down and Yuvraj spending some time in the middle with Drav who bought up yet another test 50. He also is now 2 short of Graham Gooch's 8900 test runs. Once he goes back those runs, only the select few who have 5-figure-test runs are ahead of him. What a player!

Fine memories from this test match. Sarwan whallopin Munaf Patel for 6 fours in one over. VVS's fighting hundred in the 1st innings which was a work of art. The gutsy Indian tail-wag, Kumble gettin 40 plus, Bhaji a 30 plus not out and Munaf Patel who hung around for ages and scored 13. Dean Jones couldn't stop laughing as he thought Patel (who is possibly the worst Test # 11 today) asking for a fresh pair of batting gloves was the biggest insult to the Windians.

Can't wait for Sabina Park. The last 8 test matches played on that ground have produced results. Six of which were won by the West Indians. Is it going to be Lucky Number 7 for Brian Lara or is Dravid going to do what Ajit Wadekar did 34 years ago? Only time will tell.

Watch this space

De Riguer


Anonymous Wojemil Barnard said...

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2:31 PM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

I have no feckin clue who this Wojemil Barnard thing is and I would suggest no one go to that link.



2:48 PM  
Blogger qwerty said...

Hi riggs,

What a gripping tale you just told us. I do hope Indians win the final test. They have given you way too many sleepless nights.

Wojemil Barnard is the ghost writer for Boycott.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Hipp said...

I fear even the 4th test is also heading to a lame draw. I wish Lara had some spunk in his captaincy, arschole.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous G said...

Do the Indian Cricket team need some new players. Aren't we all sick of looking players who are almost ready to be exhibited at the Madame Tussod's wax meuseum.

What do being thinking????

3:57 AM  
Anonymous riggs said...


I agree with you. The Indian team DOES need an influx of new talent. We need world-beaters. Men of mettle. Men of speed. Men of the Knight.

I think Vishwanathan Anand, Narain Karthikeyan and Sania Mirza should play for the Indian cricket team. They are as experienced as some of our lads in terms of contracts and endorsements.

Sania will also make some 'witty' remarks at Post Match Conferences.

I also drink Sprite when I'm thirsty because Sprite pyaas bhujaye yaar.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous G said...


Mate... Sania Mirza is the best choice. She can hit a ball. She is experienced at grunting even though there might be a mute button somewhere.

Infact, she can probably scare the daylights of the opposition. That way they can win all the games.

She can even be the cricket mascot. Stick her in a SPRITE can hehehe

12:23 AM  

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