Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Roebuck stops here.

Having nothing to do this lazy Saturday I decided to tune into those channels that air lots of sex, titalation and violence.

No not HBO or Sun Tv, I was watching the News. CNN-IBN. NDTV. Headlines Today. All these channels have 'cricket experts' who are ex-players (and in the case of NDTv that has Jadeja on, an ex-game-thrower) that put on nice clothes and air their views on National Tele. NDtv has Sidhu and Jadeja, Headlines Today has Saba Karim. CNN-IBN who has imaginative shows like LOC (Love of cricket, Lagaan of Cricket, Love of Calypso) that changes its name according to the team India's playing against. I also spotted the rather portly figure of Ashok Malhorta on one channel (who's logo I didn't see as I was too much in a hurry to get rid of the image on my screen).

My favourite is Sidhu-ji. He is Punjab's most famous expert (after Pongy, who lives on MrFunnyMan's blog). I tuned into NDTv because I saw Sidhu in mid-rant. Anyone who knows Sidhu, knows that a mid-rant Sidhu is normally good fun and that the only thing that can shut him up is a Luminous Inverter. I wondered what piqued his ire this time and had to wait all of two seconds to hear the words 'Peter Roebuck'.

All those of you who know Peter Roebuck know him as a first-class-cricketer-turned-columnist. Apparently he was good enough to play for England but those thieving cads (not bastards, we're white) at the ECB never thought so. Which is why, perhaps, he turned columnist.

The good Roebuck in his latest column suggested that Sachin Tendulkar made a 'mistake' of turning up to play for Lashings. For those not in the know, Lashings is a bunch of ex-test cricketers who play for charity. ( . Sachin turned out for them yesterday and smacked a 91 ball 100 (155 in total) and said he was easing back into cricket in a 'no pressure, relaxed environment'. Good for him, one would imagine. Mr.Roebuck in his peice insists that Sachin was better off having a net in Mumbai instead of coming and playing a club match Vs Cambridge, playing along with other team mates such as Richie Richardson, Courtney Walsh, Aravinda de Silva, Chris Cairns, Tatenda Taibu and England’s Ashes winning femae Captain Clare Connor.

I have searched high and low for the said column and have not been able to find it. Has Mr. Roebuck taken it off the internet as he knows he's put his feet (with pads on) in his mouth? I share the same sentiments of Sidhu-Sahib and Jadeja who said Peter Roebuck knows as much of cricket in India as he does cricket in Togo. If Sachin had indeed stayed back and had a net in Mumbai, he would have been in a raincoat, using his umbrella as a bat.

I fail to see the logic of a first class crickert such as Roebuck who has played 335 first class matches and 298 one day county matches from 1974 to 1991, who thinks that having a bat at a net is better than actually being in a match, irrespective of its stature. Batting at nets does not involve a batsman having to concentrate on the ball, run between wickets etc. I fear that Peter Roebuck, despite having scored 17,558 first class runs at an average of 37.27, was never picked for England because he would have wanted to bat at the nets instead.

What a whiner.

Also, at this juncture, the rain effected 3rd Test is as interesting as watching a Peter Roebuck innings. The only items of interest for me on Day 2 was Ramnaresh Sarwan showing Munaf Patel what the big league was all about. Sheer brilliance.

Shall be back later !


Blogger hurryhomehari said...

I guess an opinion is like an armpit, everyone has two of them! Roebuck however was different. Unable to "open his arms" "free his shoulders" take your pick, and hence unable to make it to a real team. QED no armpits! Therefore he can be classified as one of the other viz., "an opinion is like an A**H*** (pliss to excuse I am just remembering this is a family channel:D)even Roebuck has one!
PS: the above two statements also prove why some opinions stink!
Get a deo spray Riggs :P

10:16 PM  
Blogger qwerty said...

Hi riggs,

I have officially stopped watching cricket, especially Test cricket.

I just want to watch Tendulkar play some good cricket or sit the beep. I am just really tired of the media predictions.

I do not know why channels have Saba Karim, Jadeja, etc as experts on the subject. During their stint with Indian Cricket they were better qualified to play in Togo instead.

11:46 PM  
Blogger hurryhomehari said...

Saar is Mr. Roebuck chairman of selectors for the England team? Maybe thats why the team appears to have been selected from net pratcise.

11:48 PM  

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