Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away !

I sat up all of last night and watched football. On ESPN. I wouldn't have, had Ten Sports not kept showing the WI-Ind ODI highlights throughout. The Windians, on the mat, must have prayed long and hard to the raingods and am sure, paid off all those bad mama voodoo rastas to come along and ensure that absolutely no play took place on the 4th day of the 2nd Test.

Gloomy and Wet, is St Lucia

Gloomy and well, not so wet, is Rahul Dravid

Are the Windians gonna get themselves The Great Escape? Will the rain gods stay away today? Can the Indians bowl 9 Windians out in 3 sessions? Is Dravid's luck never going to change?

All that more, revealed by 3 am IST, Thursday.

Before I sign out, is it just me, or does Dhoni have a bod??? You be the judge.

Da Riggs



Anonymous F said...

Dhoni has a bod just like yours hehehehehe

1:33 AM  

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