Friday, June 02, 2006

As an Andhra native, I PROTESTant.

Ladies, Gents and Internet Peepils of all ages, I must apologise profusely for this No Ball of a NON-CRICKET Blog and pray that the Good Lord Beamer me up if I ever do something like this again. I'm sorry, O readers of Sticky-Wicket, I am as furious as Akhtar who's had a clear caught behind given not out by Steve 'Halleleujah I Can See Without a TV Replay' Bucknor. Howzzat, you may ask and I don't blame you. I can't beleive that those sons of Pitches actually went and banned the Da Vinci Code in AP as well.

Us Andhra Agassis (oops, wrong sport, scuzi) now join denizens of other such states as Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Assam and Goa (I hear) who will not be able to straight drive to the closest Cinema Ghar and watch Sri Hanks gaaru and Company enact the quite riveting story laid out by Dan Brown-ji.

Movie reviews the world over say the movie sucks possibly as much as Yuvraj Singh bein done in by a googly bowled by Dave Mohammed but thats not the point. I don't care if the movie is as exciting as a Kenya Vs Bangladesh test match being played out on a belter at Faislabad. That just doesn't matter. What really gets my goat more than Inzy refusing to get out while all others around him crumble is some daft politician who knows as much of Christianity and Dan Brown as he knows of cricket decides that a consenting adult such as I will NOT be allowed to see the movie in a theatre.

Let me see, I'm way over the age that people tell me what I should do. I can drink. I can drive. I can marry. I can divorce. I can have sex. I can abstain from sex, citing age. I can pretty damn well do anything I please as long as I'm not breaking the law. I can even VOTE that daft son of a pitch into a position of power, which, alas, is like Sourav Ganguly being adamant that Greg Chappel should be made coach. I realise now, Maharaj and I have both been shafted.

I wonder if the other states in this 'democratic' country will follow suit. Maybe Good Ball Sahib Thackeray will let it run in Mumbai and Jr Gowda Shot will let it run in Bangalore. Or maybe there's a theatre in the Andamans that will screen the movie. This also raises another question to my rather irate mind. What the heck do we have a censor board for? It's obvious they passed the movie. Sharmila-jee, are you listening?

I shall end my rant now. This is complete bollocks. I want to to see Da Vinci Code and I want to watch it in a theatre. I don't want to watch a bootleg DVD. I am still annoyed.

Jesus Christ, this is insane!

I protest.

De Rigeur.


Blogger Just Kiddin said...

what ya super blog saaar. you have taken the ords out of my oral apperture.

simply yestounding i say.

i vexed with this saaar. they are not educates yat aal.

i could not able to bardash anymore.

4:10 AM  
Blogger Num said...

Your blog goes against Da Code of conduct mon.You may be old enough to live as you please but you'll never be older than your mommy and the Throne.
In fact methinks you should be put behind bars(wickets if you will) for stirring public opinion against the rule of the land.
Off with your head.
PS: Hanks be gracing our supersized brand new screen here.Tee hee.

4:28 AM  
Blogger RUMS said...

hehehe, this had me laughing more than dishonorable discharge, I should say!!! All those sons of monkey spanks shall go to hell

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andhra government Da "Vinces" @ paying out 10K to all!

6:00 AM  
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