Saturday, April 22, 2006

everywhere you go, always take the Wager with you !

It was just another lazy Saturday morning. The Riggster was downloading music off Limewire like it was going out of style ( Michael Buble, his new flavour of the season, IF you like old jazz music), when lo and behold, arrived Bartman. A few MP3 file transfers later conversation drifted to the age old Dravid VS Ganguly debate. Fiesty convo, at the end of which was laid a fine wager.

Ladies and Gentlmen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, Once again, for your reading pleasure, we bring to you the Chronicles of Bartman and Riggs.

Enjoy !!

Riggs: Go away, filthy disbleever

Bartman: and we're abt to get on another stupid tour

Riggs: and stop readin trash @ Graham Gooch

Bartman: with a team in complete disarray

Riggs: WI tours is always fun

Riggs: where disarray?

Riggs: only disarray is Bhajji's packing methinks.

Bartman: 'Lara is one of 8 contenders for Captain.'

Riggs: oh THEIR disarray

Bartman: yeah

Riggs: i forgot to mention Gillespie on the blog mon, mebbe i do one for him. he my fav Oz cricketer since Waugh wented

Bartman: i know! awesome stuff!

Bartman: greek god oz

Riggs: how the feck do someone as strokeless as him get to 200? In under a year ?

Bartman: lol

Bartman: Dravid's just running on dumb luck mon

Bartman: that's what it is

* Note how the evil Bartman jumps from Dizzy Gillespie to RD in a flash.*

Riggs: is why i called yu a filthy disbleever

Bartman: yu know why people like Narayan Murthy more than Azim Premji?

Riggs: ummm .... i have no idea @ Premji

Bartman: because every Indian is in love with the idea of Money and Power. But it's a guilty pleasure from precondition. So it's nobler to have money when you look like you intend to give it away. It's nobler to have power when you are always willing to sacrifice it. It's nobler to be in position if it humbles you.

Riggs: its nobler to stop spreadin malicious propoganda just coz yu like bongs.

Bartman: Nobody in old Bangalore mentions Mr Murthy's multiple properties abroad. But they rave about how he still retains his old dilapidated house in Jayanagar

Bartman: lol..ok..ok..

Bartman: all Im saying is Ganguly's attitude was swallowed with much distaste. As long as he was winning, it was fine. But with Dravid, he's winning and he's humble and gentle..the splitting image of the mythological Indian hero. Victorious but Humble.

Bartman: It dont matter if he's a conniving bastard, as long as he is Humble on camera.

Riggs: I bet yer the kind of kid who was VERY upset to find out that the tooth fairy was really yer momma and that santa was really yer daddy, EH?

Bartman: lol..actually, i had no doubt the tooth fairy was make-believe

Riggs: LIAR @ tooth fairy ... i KNOW yu cried for days. AND yer sweet nanny (who was BONG) comforted yu. HENCE. Now we know.

Bartman: and santa, well, that was the fat classmate who played him every Christmas @ Nativity Scene Drama in School

Bartman: lol

Riggs: i see yu HAVENT refuted the Bong nanny yet!

Bartman: actually i had a Tamil Nanny

Riggs: who spoke Bong?

Riggs: who liked Arun Lal? and Biswojeet? and Victoria Memorial?

Riggs: come on, OUT WITH IT.

Bartman: who sort of threw my dinner plate up in the air and ran to prostate in front of the television everytime MGR appeared on screen

Riggs: HAAH ... a likely story!

Bartman: and cried for 4 days when he died and attempted suicide

Bartman: which was when my Mom asked her to kindly stay away from me

Bartman: no, seriously

Riggs: heh

Riggs: what was her name?

Bartman: Shivagami

Riggs: Shivagami Bose? Shivagami Ganguly? Shivagami Chatterji ? Shivagami Banerji ?

Bartman: lmao

Riggs: AHAAA the truth unfolds

Bartman: listen mon Mort

Riggs: when caught, always hide behind an LMAO.

Bartman: this very day of April 22 2006

Bartman: I make a wager

Bartman: would you say Dravid will have a dignified exit from Captaincy?

Riggs: I will indeed.

Riggs: Yer on.

Riggs: He will exit the game like Waugh and Naz and AB .... as a legend. Wait and watch. Filthy Behala Disbleever.

Bartman: I say, the same script will unfurl. It is possible however that in keeping with his Martyr Act, he will quit when the heat gets to him. But I bet he will not have some Waugh-like exit.

Riggs: STEVE, i might add, not whiney loser Mark.

Riggs: heh.... yu and i have a bet then, wot?

Bartman: Yes, I believe we do.

Bartman: It's not him mon, it's the constitution of Indian Cricket.

Riggs: heh .... i shall remind yu of this, some years down the line. What's the bet anyhoo?

Bartman: heh, you set the stakes

Riggs: I'll set the Steaks.

Riggs: Dinner it is!

Riggs: swankiest place in town whenever RD retires.

Bartman: hehe..Ok

Bartman: you will indeed be buying. because he ll quit in righteous indignation.

Riggs: and the winner gets to say HAAH TOLD YU SO as long as they like and smirk and gloat and do all the assorted actions associated with winning ... like sayin nya nya nya nya !

Bartman:'re on.

Watch this space. I just know, one day in the future, I'm going to be treated to a really nice dinner. In fact, as soon as RD's retirement is in the offing, I am going to stop eating. Just so I can really tuck into that steak. That Bart's buying.


The Riggster.


Anonymous peccavi said...

is bart a bong loving bong....or JUST a bong loving human?

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

Bart is neither. Bart is a Dravid hater. Is all. Ganguly cud be from Orrisa or Meghalaya, it wudn't matter.

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Bart said...

Bart is no such hateful thing! Riggs, behave yourself, mon!

7:26 AM  
Anonymous cube3 said...

Gotta agree with Bart on the humble hero syndrome. Butt, bart misses out on the Hero part. He is a Hero. He is a Hero for he hath delivered. And he shall continue to deliver, and we shall find excuses for our wins.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a bong had his fish in tongs, so the marwaree looks at the bong and knows he has a song but his life doesnt last long and he wud lose out to the kong and not b4 long the bong wud packoff to play ping pong and claim that all the world did him wrong and he would klong klong klong

12:00 PM  

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