Saturday, April 15, 2006

The De-Tour That Was

We have now reached the conclusion of an eventfully inconsequential tour of the formerly-Imperialist,presently-Bushist Englishmen to the land of receding Snake charmers, emerging haute couture, timeless Chaat Streets and utterly indescribable Boys in Blue. Needless to say, the sojourn has had several entertaining highlights : Freddie taking on his thankless job with all the gumption that well, makes him Freddie, the discovery of Suresh Raina, the Indian team's unforgettable total of 100 in what can only be perceived as a fitting, all-out tribute to Sir Humble Bumble's 100th Test appearance, and of course, that crazed shot that M.S. Dhoni seems to have gained an inexplicable mastery over.

The Indian Side has undoubtedly come out on top, marked by the varying degrees and genres of persistence on display - the persistence of the good form of Yuvraj Singh, the even greater persistence of the poor form of Md Kaif, and the greater than great crab-like persistence of the bug that goes by name of Virendra Sehwag. Also on fine display was the bumbling work in progress called Rahul Dravid. Armed with resources that presented themselves in some highly talented youngsters and the lack of it ( also known in some circles as invaluable experience) as seen in some highly clueless veterans, this man has successfully completed his venture to defeat a visiting side that visibly missed home, half its decent players, motivation and its sense of what it possibly means to play cricket at 43 degrees celcius.

But like the Afghans say, Zendagi Mitzara - Ah, well, Life goes on. Now,the Afghans don't really fancy cricket and the Talibs had them play football in pants to avoid indecent exposure, but they do know a thing or two about life. And in taking their word, I look forward to the upcoming travails of the Great Indian Jaggernaut as it makes its way across the Mediterranean. But before I sign off, here's what's weighing heavily on my sense of right and wrong- what was the greater style statement: was it Captain Bengaluru's black band for Annavaru or Powar's spiderman sun glasses?



Anonymous Partha said...

to be fair, what bart says resonates with doubting indian cricket fan - of course, we can't be this good. we manufactured pitches to our strengths, the neutered goras were allergic to their passports, we are just having a good run, dhoni isn't good enough to be no.2, sehwag is after all just a clone, yuvraj = lara? yeah right!

but i guess even bart doesn't doubt the fact that dravid has the best odi average as a captain. ok, he still isn't in the imran khan class as a super performing captain, but haven't we always doubted our heroes? hasn't the potential leader seemed more alluring than the current despot (no matter how benevolent) - gandhi/nehru vs bose, janta vs congress, gavaskar vs kapil, arjun vs karna, zia vs bhutto, etc

am an incorrigible mythologist - for me, the parasuram avatar has to give way to the ram avatar - the cave man giveth way to the bland man. but these kind of bland men offer self effacing leadership, have quiet functional technical expertise, are awkward with intimidation, but as they grow confident with their leadership they don't mind sacrificing the here n now for the thereafter...

enough preaching. amen.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Bart said...

ah well, that is rather insightful Partha. But it adopts a door of perception that is less than infinite. You already have a well worked-out theory about doubting tandons and you boil down all that you read to fit right into it. but then such is the nature of the opinions business.
nice to have you visiting though. and please dont attempt to tone down the mythological leanings, it does take a taste for melodrama and myth to cherish indian cricket wot?

12:48 AM  

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