Wednesday, April 05, 2006

For the Record

So apparently, tommorrow, while the sun shines over the great city of Kochi( so I was taken in by this huge bill board on MG Road see, it said Keraland. Apparently, real estate in Kerala is real hot just now and Kochi is a great city. I take it they weren't fibbing. I mean, they had a coconut tree on the ad, how could they be lying, I ask you). Well, anyway, while the sun shines over the great and humid city of Kochi, Captain Lumberjack is all set to challenge Dada's continuous-ODI-wins record. Now the TV-waalas, see, they are sure that the occurrence of the event is beyond contention. In fact, they are so sure that the record will be broken that they already broke the news of the record as Breaking News. In fact, they beamed the same story of near-and-imminent success so many times today, they successfully qualify for what my Grandma's dental hygienist calls a broken record.The news-waalahs that is, not the statistic is question. So, anyway, as I was saying before the dental hygienist broke my flow, as the sun shines over the great, humid and election-torn city of Kochi, Mr Obvious will attempt to garner his new and Chappel-ified resources and beat Freddie's side,breaking a record on the side. And Freddie, well, I reckon he'll concentrate on mending what is broken. Like the English Spirit. Although, if you went by what he did for Dada's spirit in his autobiography, Kochi will have have no more than the re-hashed Communist Manifesto to be entertained by. Meanwhile,mending, it appears is a strangely Western obsession. Frost was besides himself with mending walls, America is besides itself with mending the Arabs, Blair is besides himself mending his Dubya-toxicated ways. But Captain Humble, well, he's on the appropriate side of the Atlantic. Where, if the mill is to be believed, all is well and nothing needs mending. Not even Kiran More. Well, nothing except the data that gets spruced up each election to establish the Literacy Rates in Keraland. Now, now, besides the effin point, I remind myself. As the sun shines over the great, humid, Communist-infested,literate city of Kochi, may the breaking bring splendid amusement to all- the skeptics, the converted, and the clueless. Much like the elections and Robert Frost.



Anonymous Riggs said...

Bart, Bart, Bart ....

How many times do I have to tell you. The Dada had wins against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and Kenya and etc. Those DON'T count. Captain 'Lumberjack' Pakistan and England. And I still agree with you about More. And Kochi is a fine, fince city with finer, finer food. I fancy the Barmy Army is going to tuck into meanmoily, the lucky bastards.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Bart said...

jeez mon..the record in question was the spree in world cup 2003 wot!

11:46 AM  
Anonymous riggs said...

quite. where we beat zimbabwe, nairobi, holland and kenya (twice) hahaha yu get the pitcher now?

2:30 AM  

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