Monday, April 03, 2006

Kaif = Sehwag = Not Bloody Much

(April 4, 2006 00:20:18 AM)

Bartman: so finally 'the boys have batted well'

Riggs: yeah, Yuvie played a blinder tho

Bartman: poor kaif is going the sehwag way wot

Riggs : yeah, anotha Bombay Duck in the making

Bartman : i hope he finds his way back quickly before he has to start talking like sehwag…. 'since my childhood, i have liked attacking. that's what im going to do now'

Riggs: yeah attacking Sehwag ki maa's food is wot

Bartman: someone should have pointed out that in childhood, most folks like to act like chimpanzees

Riggs : he got out like a blitherin’ idiot today

Bartman : probably what a baby chimpanzee would have done

Riggs: this mon.

Bartman: You sure? This isn’t really funny.

Riggs: We only gonna post funny? Not thot provoking ??

Bartman: Right, you got it.


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