Friday, April 21, 2006

I hate to say ' I told you so', but heck, I TOLD YOU SO.

I realise now why the friendship series was tied 1-1. That damn trophy was just too big for one captain to hold....

This post is written with much glee, I feel like the grinch and some say,look like him too.I wonder why there hasn't been as much as a peep from Bartman. Indigestion methinks, I was told eating crow does that to one.

A few posts ago I said Indian Cricket was alive, well and kicking ass. Two matches in the dessert is proof of that. The tired boys in blue lost the first one for sure, but pulled the Pakis to the last over, not exactly a bad way to lose, but come the next day, it looked like the team had done one of those ad thingies.

They woke in the morning, brushed their teeth with Anchor (vegetable) toothpaste, The Skipper leading the way, smiling, which I think accounts for all those grins during the match. Sehwag was spectacular, his feet were moving, his shots had the ball disappearing to all corners of the ground. Life is so much better after you rub yourself down with Moov, which I'm sure is wot ol' Veeru did (after he had himself some Sehwag ki maa ka khaana and some Boost, Sirji). Dhoni was on song, his hair now black, thus making sure his complexion which is nurtured every morning by Mysore Sandal Soap glowed more than His Highness the Earl of Chapel. Yuvraj had one spectacular over where he smote 4,4,4,4 and 6 and looked damned good while doing it too, thanks to his Parachute After Shower Hair Creme. Having got the runs on the board, it was time the bowlers did their thing and boy, wasn't Pathan glad he shaved with his trusty Gillette razor in the morning, he was back on song getting rid of Farhat first and then Afridi with a complete ripper! Years of diving for that elusive Pepsi came good, Yuvie taking a blinder to get rid of Malik. Powar shone with the ball (Vandana Luthra Weight Loss Clinics HAVE to be making a beeline for him) and young Venugopal Rao took one of the coolest deep field catches I have seen in a long time.

Inzy stood tall like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one was never sure of a victory as long as he was around and when he was done in by Captain Courageous, a quick run in, swoop down on the ball , run in some more, break wickets, raise hand in triumph and break cricket's 50 meter dash record, all in the space of 6 seconds brought a smile to my face. And a thought. Uh oh, Bart's gonna be furious. It was the Skipp!

Bart was quick to ask me if I had heard what Graham Gooch said about Captain Courageous. Gooch said 'Dravid needs to sound more honest' ..... back up a second ... HONEST ? This coming from a man who doesn't even have his own hair on is head?

HAAH! Complete Cobbles,I tell you.

That done, we now await Riggs and Bartman, Calypso styla. Will be fun, cricket in the Carib. The Indian team has just been announced for the tour and am glad that Kaif retains his place. But that's for another blog, wot?

More later!

The Riggster


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