Wednesday, May 24, 2006

17 till I die

Right. So I haven't really had the time to gloat. But for all practical purposes, imagine that I'm a Simpson kid right now. And I'm saying 'I told you so' in a Duff slur. Unfortunately, since this hypothetical line of thought makes me a Simpson kid, I cannot logically say the same thing in three different languages( Lisa probably doesn't opine about cricket). Don't get me wrong, I think it's tragic we've messed up the last two games. Clearly, on paper, our lads are far more talented. And Mr Humble-Bumble's team is a far more well-knit set of kids, accent on kids. But there is such a thing as rubber band luck, if you will ( original phrase coined by Bart the Magnificent, 20:40 hours, 24th May, 2006). And Mr Bumble's elastic was bound to snap. Let's face it - the complete lack of imagination is NOT a good thing. Not on this continent or any another. And not even if some of us call it consistency.

But it has to be said, some of the lads have shown great character. Yuvraj is really coming into his own, even owning resposibility for the ODI 2 disaster, and Kaif and Sehwag are finding their flair once more. The quickies are doing rather well, given the completely new conditions. And before I forget, Powar's fielding brings back images of the unlikely agility of one Mr Ranatunga. All of these bright spots are of course characteristically eclipsed by yet another inexplicable mid-series Selection announcement. And not enough can be said of the media fiasco about Tendulkar's contentious availabilty for the same. But that's a whole other story.

Anyhoo, let's hope the guys find their way back to their winning ways, their Captain notwithstanding. And also, a special prayer for Riggs who's taking all this very badly. As for his hero, Bryan Adams has managed to leverage the number 18 for like a 180 years, rest assured that 17 will be atleast half as useful.



Anonymous Riggs said...

Bart,my love..... If you indeed WERE a Simpson kid, I'd have just one thing to say to you .... Eat My Shorts .. GRRR !!!!

BTW ... LMAO @ Powar and Ranatunga. Have I ever told you that a couple of years ago, a smart-alecky pal of mine told me that I reminded her of a cricketer and whilst I preened and asked her which one (Chris Cairns was on my mind), she said Arjuna Ranatunga, before exploding into peals of laughter.

Lucky for me, divine justice caught up with her. She reminds me of a Movie Star these days. The Titanic.. heh heh

10:23 PM  
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