Thursday, May 11, 2006

Anchor's Aweigh!

Well now, we've all been laying low awhile now. But a few hours from now, the Grand Indian Circus Company (albeit dressed like a Cricket Team) will set sail, across the vast ocean, and into the islands of good hope, cheery folks and terribly weird-looking musical instruments. Here's kickin' off our very own day-to-day coverage of the grand tour then. This is just the teaser though, to get Riggstah to smile for reasons that don't involve playing house, Travel & Living Style. Like they say in Trinidad ( and I know this more by way of Sir Naipaul than any actual study of Carribean culture), see ya'll in a bit mon.



Anonymous Riggs said...

Amen to that Bart, Amen!

12:16 PM  
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