Friday, June 02, 2006

Of Gravy and all things non-alcoholic.

Gravy in the middle.

Anyone who's been watching cricket being played in the West Indies will know who Gravy is. For those who don't, here's something Rahul Bhattacharya wrote about him.

Gravy is a performer. He cross-dresses and dances and writhes and swings from the rafters and puts on a show that you will not ever forget. For twelve years he kept doing it. In many ways, he was the face of the Antigua Recreation Ground more than Viv Richards or Curtly Ambrose.

It's easy to stereotype Gravy. A chap slightly off his rocker, a blazing extrovert, an attention seeker, and a man with no worries. Actually, he is soft, sober, sentimental.

The rest of this article can be read here -

Anyways, getting back to Gravy, anyone who watched India play out yet another familiar away series first test, first day of cricket, would have chanced upon Gravy doing a headstand and dancing like one of those early 80's breakdancers.

I cannot recall an Indian batting display like yesterday, so many batsman gettin caught either by the keeper or slips, tempting Jeremy Coney to day India had been Edged out! The cricket was sad especially since all the top order batsmen save Jaffer got runs. Sehwag (36), VVS (29), Dravid (49), Yuvie (23), Dhoni (19) and Kaif (13). Thank god for the batting heroics of Jumbo Kumble and Breakdancer Santh, their 47 run stand havin put us over 200.

Having sounded suspiciously like Manjrekar, lets get to why this blog is being written. While the Indian batsmen put up another forgetable display, what kept me glued to the telly were the Windian supporters. Having followed cricket being played in the Windies for years now, I can assure you, watching the spectators between overs and during drinks, swaying to the music, one would be forgiven for thinking one was watching an outdoor episode of Mtv Grind. The Windies have it all (spectator-wise). Skinny women, Fat women, Fit women, Stacked women, Hot women, Gorgeous women, Not so gorgeous women etc etc etc. And yes, men too. All having a good time. It's like a party out there. Grounds have sound stacks all over, DJ pump nout good old reggae music all day, fans dancing, rum flowing, BBQ grill sizzling, beer flowing and yes, between all this, Test Match happening.

Then the ICC makes an announcement. No Alcohol at World Cup Games. Smart. Take away the booze, so no one will dance, no one will grind, no one will do crazy things like Gravy and certainly No one is gonna be interested when the camera pans the grounds. This is the West Indies. No herds will leap up for the camera makin retard faces so that mum back home squeals with delight, seeing Munna on Tv. This is not Oz and SA so there won't be any smart placards for us to chortle over. Those bastards wot sit up and head the ICC are going to take the West Indies and turn it into the Members Stand at Lords, where geriatric gents, dressed in 3 peice suits at a cricket match (????), sip on their gelusil and talk about Sir Don, cause they watched him play.


I hope better sense prevails and the powers that be leave the Islands alone. Why take the flavour out of a country just because you decide to give them a world cup to host? Damn White Skins. Taking the fun out of everything.

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The Riggster


Blogger Num said...

Stoopid I say.
What are the biz minds thinking?
This will take the Wind(ies) outta their sails(read sales).
Room for protest?(now that we as a people are getting into the habit of moving our rear ends for reason more than changing channels and raising our head count.Finally!)
Get some water o' fermented barley
Like said the great God Marley-
Stir it up.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cancel my tickets will ya...Will have to meet Gravy some other time then...No rum at grounds and 3 ball overs on TV...i'm so excited


10:41 AM  
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