Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Salaam junta log. I see much has transpired while I sought respite from the blogosphere in much idling, arbitrary forest hikes,mountain treks, giant screen football, way too much beer and failed attempts at white water rafting. Mort has obviously stolen any thunder that might or might not have been with such novelties as color pictures and italicized clowns (Hello there, Mr Funnyman) but clearly, the blog has lost its significance as far as the noble quest of Dravid-bashing is concerned(matter will be presently sorted out, rest assured). Nonetheless, here's to the great job my teammate has pulled off(:D Morty, do you think it's about time we tell them who we really are?). And of course, allow me to announce the obvious : I'm Back.



Anonymous Riggy said...

Aaaah Bart ! You almost scared me out of my batting gloves when you said I'm back. I thought the Turbanator had sneaked up on me!

Anyhoo, we are agog about your adventures so do tell. It doesn't matter this once if 'that's not cricket'.

Welcome back mon and thanks once again for that weapon of mass destruction (Not, I'm not talking about Funnyman's nephew Chintu)

9:41 AM  
Blogger qwerty said...

Hi Bartman,

Good to have you back. While you were away, your partner in crime was indeed sowing some wild oats. I sincerely hope you can bring back Sticky Wicket for what it stands.


It is is fine if the Turbanator sneaks up on you. You better start worrying when the doosra does.

Also, I would highly appreciate it if you kept the kids out of personal jokes. You know, I am just kidding.

10:54 AM  

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