Saturday, July 01, 2006

A tale of 6 Countries!

England, Portugal, Brazil, France, India and the West Indies.

What a Saturday night. John Travolta and the BeeGees were nothing compared to this Saturday Night Fever. The evening started off well, by which I mean we got SEATS at my favourite watering hole, The Under Deck. If you ever visit Hyderabad, the Under Deck exists at the Taj Banjara and is pretty much the best place to kickback and soak in the spirit(s).

We started the evenin in fine style, the Poms and the Ports playin much back and forth footy. Other than the penalty shoot-out, the most entertaining moment of the match for me was Rooney's stomp-on-his-fruit-and-veg tackle. Even I winced. Post his trampling of the opposition (pun intended), his push and shove ways bought much joy to those of us gathered around the bar. Penalties, in my humble opinion, are the worst way to lose a match and I fear Britanica shall mourn tomorrow.

Whilst all this was going on, I spent some money Hutch's way, getting updates on the cricket score frequently on my mobile. Windian wickets tumbled at regular intervals and a Pub-Post Blog was hurriedly updated. Took pics of the same coz it's possibly the most outrageous thing I've done with my phone. (Okay, ONE of the most outrageous things I've done with my phone)

Sticky-Wicket gets updated @ Home Away from Home

Post all this revelry, the Samba-wallahs took the field with the Frogs. What a game !Great fun all the way, though I personally think that the World Cup will be a little less exciting now that Brazil got the boot.

While I was at the Home Way from Home, my pals were talking about MrFunnyMan's blog (come on Qwerts, take a bow). Those few who didn't know what we were on about and who demanded to know were given the works. We got online from my phone (again, one of those crazy phone things) and gave THEM a tummyache with all the laughs. I don't think they cared too much about the football after that.

Qwertyworld Vs WorldCupFooty

Got home in time to watch Dravid and Dhoni make the second highest partnership of the match, MSD getting done in by a delivery that was as high as my IQ. Six sessions of play have seen 26 wickets fall and it was remarkable to see Dravid stand tall. I know Bartman is somewhere on this blog, eating crow and making plans of coming back and telling us it was all planned by Dravid's PR -wallahs and etc, but RD is the MAN, let there be no doubt about that. 81 in the first knock, batting on 60 overnight in the second, his effort is nothing short of spectacular. He's scored over a thousand runs in 2006 and as far as I know, we still have half a year left. May his tribe and his strike rate increase.

Test 4 is tantalisingly poised. Another 50-75 runs in the kitty and I think the Windians will be hard pressed to win, providing the wicket stays the way its been playing on these two days. If it eases up, Lara will anchor one end up and grind his way to a winning score.

What's it gonnna be? Will Captain Courageous be able to hold it together and along with the Turbanator and Kumble Circle take us to a historic win OR will Lord Brian keep his destiny with #7 at Sabina?

I can't wait !!


Anonymous peccavi said...

yippeee yay! yayyayyay about the protugese. I SCREAMED myself HOARSE....and then the brazilians came on and i lost my voice altogether. HOW COULD THEY....:(

the world cup is over for me. Who wins now is just a statistic that i could care less about (unless the portugese win.....what an upset :))

and lets hope the indians dont lose the script again this time...and DO WIN!!

riggah - show of@taj, phancy shmancy phone and all. hehehe

PS: dont forget to get your commission from qwerts for the promotion/blog-event management :-)

11:09 PM  
Blogger qwerty said...

hi riggs,

WOW. Thank you. I loved that picture. Please explain; why are you browsing my blog at a pub? I am guessing, there weren't any pretty women.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

heh heh Qwerts,

Do you gaze into a crystal ball or were you at the same pub?

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whao was ur geography teacher saar? the windies more than one cuntry

8:08 PM  
Anonymous G said...

Ugh.. Who gave riggster to have one of those PDA thingies. Sheeshhh...

HEhe Qwerts.. that's riggsters way of picking up chicks... he brings out the phone and shows off and the chicks think he is a smart and a yuppy dude.

You go dude!!!

1:07 AM  

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