Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bengali Rabbits and Kannad Secrets

Well, I'm having a stupendously terrible week. Absolutely no sleep, dead-boring work, all sorts of human conflict, several screw-ups AND I've been subjected to an overdose of rapid, mumbaiyya hindi conversation at work. And my spoken Hindi wasn't too good to begin with. Chop chop. This post is not about my life situation (although after such a prolonged absence, it seems natural to subject the kind Junta to inane samachar). I hear the alleged 'bachcha', is, to quote the good people at CricInfo"in the eye of another potential storm. Speculation is rife about his possible rehabilitation, even though partial, in the form of a place among the 30 probables for the Champions Trophy". Now this may all be what is widely known in Republican circles as "posturing and hence, facilitating". But what this occasionally-practising writer is concerned about is the the repercussions of the said possibility for Captain My-City-Is-so-Cool-it-can-host-Secret-Training-Camps.

Now this said city is rather cool( Please to be referring Riggs' travel accounts in this and associated blogs). And we do have our share of savvy entrepreneurs. But imagine a "secret" training camp conducted at an "undisclosed" location in shocking proximity to a high society spa that loves going to the press. I mean, like, how cool is that, obviously.

Anyhoo, just checking in as a warm-up exercise in prepartion to be star witness to the imminent chaos. If Mr Ganguly pulls a white rabbit, will Mr Bengaluru pull a HDK?



Anonymous Riggs said...


What else can I say but WELCOME BACK.

I don't know what Spa you been hangin out at, I seen pics of Sreesanth and Pathan lookin at alternative careers in the Marines. Irfan's new haircut had him looking like Vin Diesel I thought, at least pate-wise!

IMHO, SouravdaBacha is in the 30 probables simply coz Cap'n Cool thinks the other 29 need some laughs. Apparently, after his stint at the Counties, he is even more at-ease with the ball heading towards his ribs!

More later, eh? Stop workin so damned hard!

9:35 PM  
Blogger Bartman and Riggs said...


Thanks mon, good to be back.
Turns out I spoke too soon eh? Apparently, Mr Kiran Kangaroo has brought about a policy shift and is about to name 22 probables instead of 30. Such ingenuity. Long live the machiavellian ways of Indian Cricketdom. Too bad Mr Dravid prolly wont get to exhibit his mock coolness.

2:45 AM  

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