Friday, September 15, 2006

The King is BACK!

246 minutes, 148 balls faced, 141 runs scored, 13 x 4, 5 x 6, 95.27 Strike Rate - Need we say more?

Sachin Tendulkar is back. And how. Yes, I hear the doubting Kumar's say he started patchy, he had a live whilst on 5 , he scored many runs through slips. Yes. Okay. 141 of them. So pipe the heck down.

I agree, it wasn't one of Sachin's best. But it was his 40th ODI Century. Yes, you are reading that correctly. His FORTIETH. Coupled with the 35 he has in Test cricket as well. What a player.

Much has been said about his tennis elbow, his has-been batting, his retirement and all that jazz. I really don't care. I had a smile as wide as my waist last night when he reached his hundred. Post his hundred when his bat went boom boom boom and the ball kept flying into the stands, the smile went to a chuckle and finally that turned into a yell with a bunched up fist. His last six was magical, one from the old school.

I am glad he is back and scoring runs in the manner in which he was born to do. I just hope this form continues until after the World Cup. The last World Cup was all his - I have never seen him bat better. With this knock, he looks ready for an encore.

I end with my favourite pic of the day. After synchronised swimming, we have some synchronised batting. Sehwag and Dhoni - Cute !


Blogger qwerty said...

The big question everyone is asking is, Will he or won't he get 100 centuries before he retires?

What do you think?

3:20 AM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

That means another 25 International centuries. I would love to see him get there even though I don't think he will. Not unless he plays till he's 40.

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Hipp said...

Hi riggy,

If he does then we'll start calling him Tondulkar, wot?

5:46 AM  
Blogger Just Kiddin said...


Sachin has done more for cricket than all Australian teams ever put together. More power to him.

I hope the selectors give Ganguly a chance to play 4 more ODIs. If he makes 2 good scores, he can retire like a true hero should.


12:06 AM  

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