Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ashes to Dust

Well, Mort, it's not like we didn't get to watch blades, just not the way you'd have liked. And it's not like I try to be right all the time, it just sorta happens. There were some positives though - the Captain did pull his weight, and Dhoni was delightful for a bit. But the South Africans mon, they've really picked up from Mr Rhodes eh? Wonder why the wise men at the BCCI didn't try hiring him with all their love for angrez coaches. Wait, I think they did try and he, um, refused. Makes me wonder if it'll help if we had Robin Singh as fielding coach, wat? That's the panacea, in my opinion - make Mohinder Amarnath coach and Robin Singh assistant. And PLEASE send Chappel home or to his cottage at Bangalore's Westend if they wont let him step on Australian soil again. And while we're at it, send Agarkar home too - Mumbai isn't very fussy about its soil.

On a whole other note, the Ashes is as entertaining as ever. I think Mort's taken a step in the right direction- this blog could really use a less depressing subject.



Blogger qwerty said...

Hi Bart,

I see you are having a jolly good time eating that humble pie.

Sorry for my lengthy absence but while I was away I was making a lot of money.

Every surdie I know has been wagering for an Indian win, not just on the game but on the hilights too.

Hi Riggs,

The only maidens we are bowling are not leggy lasses but Kingsmead and Newlands.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

Heh heh Bart, I must tell you, this humble pie needs a whole lot more tabasco.

As you know, small things give me great joy and the whole Indian loss thing wasn't all that bad after Dhoni's little mini-Kemp.

More on the match later!

Q, my friend, I am glad you came back. I was just trying to organise a search party to go look for you. At the moment they are all busy looking for the Indian cricket team's Winning Streak, (No, not Heath's cousin).

7:58 PM  
Blogger qwerty said...

Hi Riggs,

I thought the Heath's cousin was Eddo Brandes, the chicken farmer. It is believed Brandes was banged more often by Tendulkar's woodie than anyone I can recall.

10:03 PM  

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