Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bartman Returns

Alright, it is now hopelessly clear - Riggster is terribly inept at handling my absences from this blog. He rants and raves about nothing. And by nothing, I mean Shoaib Akhtar and the Indian Circus or his conversations with me (which are usually centred around substance abuse, inanities and Greg Chappel - so it amounts to Riggs being stark, raving monotonous ) . Now I empathize with his current lot - I can confirm from having heard straight from the horse's mouth that Riggy has finally ( publicly) begun to acknowledge that Captain Lumberjack cannot really tell the wood from the trees. And that Sir Gregory really ought to be deified on the edge of the dying barrier reef - the only geographical location in the southern hemisphere where his smirk might be construed as independent of his general state of cluelessness. (Riggs - if you were skimming past the adjectives and still wondering about the horse and its mouth, have you shifted residence yet?)

Having accomplished desired pointlessness, allow me to further the Cricket Australia fiasco thread. While all is well with our collective shock/angst at the audacious behaviour of the Aussies, Chris Cairns had something thought-provoking to say on the matter - when a journalist mentioned that Mr Gavaskar had condemned the Australians for their rudeness, he asked if it might just be considered rude to walk out of a game for having been given out LBW. Touche.



Anonymous peccavi said...

hmmm...apples and oranges...rude and unsporting....

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

.... and if you're talking Oz Vs India, some lemons as well!

Welcome back Bart, methinks I missed seeing your not-so-ugly mug on these here pages, I is terribly glad you're back. What is key at the moment, is the number of weeks we will have to wait for your next post. Heh Heh

Bully for Cairns, well said, wot? For once I think SMG was caught on the wrong-foot. I have watched that incident on some old video cassette somewhere and I remember SMG furiously summoning Chetan Chauhan to join him in his walk out. So not cricket, old boy, even if you're playing against convicts. Tut Tut.

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

Btw - another little beauty from that so suits this topic :-

User 1 : What if we took all our convicts and sent them all to a dessert island and left them there for like 200 years and one day just landed up there, what do you think they'd say to us?

User 2: Something on the lines of 'GDay Mate'...

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it went a bit more than just being given out LBW. He was walking when someone in the slips said something. He claims it was something very Australian. That was when he turned around and dragged C Chauhan back with him.
Cereal K

3:04 AM  

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