Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

Another funny cricket conversation on the Yahoo Messenger with my good buddy Qwerty (

Ahnooie: well come to my town - i'll get you to meet your favorite cricketers too

Riggs: Of that I have no doubt .... but Kirti Azaad is not my fav cricketer heh heh. I think he is the 2nd ugliest indian test cricketer? the first being Ashok Malhotra?

Ahnooie: heh heh - i'll make sure you don't meet - kapil dev. he can't understand English - you can't understand Hindi

Riggs: arre ? hum shud hindi mein vartalap kar sakte hain. dhanyavaad.

Ahnooie: oh there in a lost list - only the new cricketers take care - about personal grooming - even will all that - see Arun Lal? i mean you catch him outside the stadium - and you'll ask - Moongphali hai?

Riggs: hahahahahaahaha

I leave you faithful readers to judge this dubious beauty contest!

Arun Lal

Ashok Malhotra

Kirti Azad


Anonymous peccavi said...

no brainer; no contest!!!

12:46 PM  
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5:22 AM  
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