Friday, September 22, 2006

The Umpire Strikes Back

The India Vs Australia clash yesterday was a fun encounter. It was tight and had its moments of intense cricket which resulted in an Aussie win (Yes, I can hear Bart sniggering)

What was the highlight of the game for me was the umpiring!

First the Harbhajan runout without the ball in his hand - After that bit of drama, you knew the Umpires were Hadding a bad day.

Then came Sachin and his caught behind. That was possibly the most ridiculous call I have ever seen, thank god there was a live relay on the ground. Ricky Ponting is heading for trivia glory for being the Australian Captain with the most lost match fees for arguing with the umpires. Give it up, Punter! (Of course, he has no fear of being banned because he is not a brown cricketer)

Just as you thought the whitecoats could do no worse, the caught behind that poor Bhaji was handed out was a very Rauf decision. A pity, the result might just have been a wee bit different had he managed to stay there.

Wonder what we're going to see next!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You missed the Dhoni one? Another "Rauf" decision, the ball he got Dhoni with Meester Lee was ahead of the crease by an inch and the half"assed" sorry Assad umpire missed it.
cereal K

11:25 PM  
Blogger Neha said...

but we did suck, and how.

why can't our team have wht the aussies have for breakfast?

5:00 AM  

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