Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Riggy Resurfaces!

Hello One, Hello All and Hello Peccavi!

I have been missing in action for quite some time, living the life of my blog partner Bartman, by which I mean I completely ignore this blog. Much has happened since I last wrote a cricket post on the blog and I must apologise to those (few) who logged in here looking for something new. Please keep coming back, I am hoping I now ramble here more often and that Bart remembers this blog too.

In reverse chronological order :-

Damien Martyn and Ricky Ponting proved worthy ambassadors of Convict Country by getting a tad frisky with Sharad Pawar. While I am no fan of Sharad Pawar (he being a politician, among other things), I thought the Aussies were way out of line for pushing him off the stage the way they did. Lets reverse rolls for a second - Imagine a jubiliant Indian team at either Lords or the SCG, all happy and exuberant at winning a trophy that they had never won before - and someone like Harbhajan Singh pushes Malcolm Speed off stage just so they can go balle balle ballistic with the cup. Can you imagine the headlines? Can you imagine a smarmy Tony Greig say 'that was the most disgraisful ect I've ever seen on telly'. I can. We'll be called savages and barbarians and pushers (as well as chuckers).


We then had the Paki Drug Bust just before the Champions Trophy! From where I'm sitting it sure looked to me that the Paki Board had a V for Vendetta with Akhtar and took care of him once in for all. I think the game is poorer simply because its lost one of its most colorful characters. I would stick Shoaib Akhtar in a World XI just so I could watch him come into bowl and let fly a couple of snorters. I wish he hangs in there and trains like a maniac and is still around in 2 years. More power to him. Strangely though, I am not too bothered about Asif simply because he is just 24 and has been given a one year ban. That's probably because he doesn't party too much and doesn't have an active sex life.

In between all these shenanigans, the Champions Trophy came and went. India, as usual, paper tigers, looked good for a bit and then sank like the Titanic. Minus Yuvraj Singh who was KhoKho'ed out of the game, the middle order looked like a pack of cards. In an unopened box. Poor Suresh Raina found out that it's not always rosy out there with a bat in your hands. Poor Irfan Pathan found out that it's not always rosy out there with a ball in your hands. Dhoni came, Dhoni went and El Capitan looked a tad jaded. For me, the team to watch was the Windians, who came, who saw and sure as hell conquered. I for one, will not be surprised if they make it to the semi-finals of the World Cup.

That said, the Ashes are about to commence. I chanced upon a picture of Freddie Flintoff doin some mean-ass pushups.

He is looking more like a boxer than a cricketer! Hopefully, this Ashes series will be as entertaining as the last one. Can't wait.

I also hope Bartman pays us a visit before the World Cup. Just to show that this blog is not forgotten! I shall return soonest as well. Till then, remember, Life's a pitch.


Blogger Neha said...

ooh, you forgot the part where india goes to SA. Sachin says we will win this time, as much as i wld lv to belv him, i hv my doubts!

and thn there was the passing away of Polly Umrigar, as sachin said, these are sad time for Indian cricket.


p.s: am a huge sachin fan ...

11:58 PM  
Anonymous peccavi said...

yevviddent negha, yevviddent.

(PS: so am i)

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My best Polly Umrigar story is him being indisposed on teh morning of a Test in England when Fiery Fred T was at his screaming best. When news trickled in that Freddie was ill, Umrigar made a miraculous recovery! Polly Kaka had a relapse almost as soon he heard Freddie was going to be in the final XI!
As to Sachin, I think he is no longer God outside the off stump. Not when the Pigeon's bowling anyway.
Cereal K

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

I don't believe it. Two other Sachin fans on the same page! Yaay! I thought we were a dying breed.

My partner-in-slime Bartman, is a huge Sourav-da fan and refuses to talk to me since I made fun of that ludicrous 'apna dada ka baat sunoge na' ad. Now Bart, thought Sachin should have hung up his boots some time ago, to which I had only one word - Bollocks!

SA is Sachins. So is the next World Cup. I just hope he realises that the WC is his swansong and cuts loose in the manner he was born to.

CKBoss - Sachin was never God on the offside. He was (and still is) The Butcher. While all our offside gods sit in the 'Ex-Cricketer' stand, Sachin still prowls the covers. Heh Heh.

7:29 AM  
Blogger Neha said...

ah don't forget the straight drive. hvnt seen anythng more stunning on a cricket field! and watching it live, priceless!!

fingers crossed for SA, WC, everythng in between and after ...

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Riggah so much for commentor's licence.
He still needs some practice to play the pigeon on that off stump line. and yes Neha the Sachin clone Veeru does that straight drive too with almost the same touch of class. Not exactly but close
Cereal K

1:13 AM  
Blogger Neha said...

Cereal K:
uuffffffh! go away!

5:08 AM  

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