Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kev and Warnie

Spending a lazy Sunday morning watching The Ashes. The Poms were somewhat battered by the Convicts for a better part of this test match, but the last hour and a half has been a display of completely brazen batting by Messrs. Collingwood and Peitersen.

In a shocking display of complete disregard, they flayed the Convicts for a little over 150 runs in about 2 hours. Collingwood departed trying to get one too many of Warnie but the big Kev has just been joined by the even bigger Flint. Fireworks expected.

I have just been gobsmacked by the sight of big Kev taking a Sunday stroll down the wicket to Mr.McGrath. Not a 3-step jump like normal, a perfectly timed walk down the pitch. Such madness, but oh what fun!

I hope we get to see some from the Injun blades this afternoon as well!



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