Monday, November 27, 2006

Kemp's Corner

I had no words to describe what I felt after we got Mein Kempfed by the Springboks yesterday.

Which is why I am glad my pal Qwerty said this

Now, can someone please make my tummy ache go away? I laughed so much.



Anonymous peccavi said...

ganguly's back....and neither of you has anything to say????

close down this blog i say :P

1:10 AM  
Blogger qwerty said...

Hi Peccavi,

I don't think Riggs has written about it since talking about Sourav Chandidas Ganguly is not worth his time. Have I just managed to twitch a nerve here?

Last night, Indians managed to win their very first Pro20 game in SA, which is worrisome because, TI now plays only 20 overs in 50 over games.

Striking comments from last night's game: (none of them have been made up)

Dhoni: If we have 5 or 6 wickets in our kitty, then it is easy for us to score big...

Kitty? I always thought Dhoni was butch...

Sreesanth: There is a lot of pressure but I think we will win this game. This game will ensure that we have a psychological edge over the South Africans...

Psychological edge? Nice try.

Sehwag: All boys bowled well. I told them to put in right area. Sreesanth, Bhajji, Agarkar, Pathan and Zak bowled very well...

Zak? For a moment, I didn't know who he was talking about...

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Riggs said...

Why bring back Ex-Cricketers ??

Might as well bring Srikkanth back too? If he can still bat as quickly as he speaks, Nel-anna has something to worry about.

8:00 PM  

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