Sunday, October 22, 2006

Farewell, Red Baron

Having just watched the 2006 F1 season come to a close I have a lump in my throat simply because I know there will be no more Michael Schumacher to watch.

I have followed the sport of F1 racing for the last few years and Schumi has always been my favourite racer. Most people who follow the sport never liked watching him race because he was clinical and therefore, boring. The years 2000 to 2004 had him win the World Championship with ease only to have the most horrendous 2005.

Schumi had a thing or two to prove in the year 2006 and he came very close to winning yet another World Championship, coming up with the most exciting driving that I have ever seen him do. An engine blowout in Japan while leading ensured that his luck failed him while he needed him most which left him just one more race in the season, his final race, in Sao Paulo Brazil.

What a race it was. Anyone who watched this race will have to agree that this was the best Schumi performance in a long long time. Starting at #10, reaching 6th before a tyre blowout, going to #18 and then eventually finishing 4th - he showed us just why he is the greatest F1 racer of all time. His last over taking move on Kimi will be my most endearing image of Schumi for all time. It got me up and yelling for more.

Thank you Michael, for all the memories.
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